Wonder and Beth…alias Ellie

My daughter and I went today to visit Wonder and Beth (Ellie) at their new families home.  They both greeted us with overwhelming licks and wiggles.  They had not forgotten their foster mom…makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.  If you remember Wonder, is a Corgi that was was blind at birth …he acts like he has no handicap at all.  The family teases and calls him “handipup”.   He is about 3 months old now and Beth (Ellie) is about 6 months old…they both play,  sleep together, and are doing tricks.  Wonder loves to get belly rubs and play tug with Beth.  Just wanted to send a note and some pictures of the two recent adopted puppies from Good Dog Rescue.


Hollywood Feed Adoptions Saturday!

What a busy day at the Hollywood Feed Store on Union. Good Dog Rescue was busy all day long…from the time we got there till we left. Lots of volunteers and several adoptions. It was great for the “Good Dogs” to have a home just in time for Christmas!

“Wonder” Says Merry Christmas!

The Corgi baby blind from birth hopes to spend the Christmas with his new family….warm and loving wishes for a Merry Christmas!  To all from “Wonder”.

Canine Christmas at St. Agnes

On such a cold cloudy and finally a rainy day…Good Dog Rescue was there in full force.  All the furry friends were there and Santa too!  Pictures with Santa, parades, and lots of fun.  We had several donations and even some adoptions.  Here are a few photos of the days events.

Adoptions at Hollywood Feed Saturday!

On a cool December afternoon, Good Dog Rescue was busy as usual at the Hollywood Feed on Union.  We had several adoptions and many visitors into the store.  Great for Good Dog Rescue and Hollywood Feed. Wonder finds his new sister “Ellie” and family, Squiggy, Maggie, Pippin also find a new home.  Many other Good Dogs were there is all their Christmas gear waiting for just the right “Furever” Family.

Hollywood Adoptions this Weekend!

Saturday at the Hollywood Feed on Union, Good Dog Rescue had several adoptions …Ridgely, JoJo, Liddy, and Bijou! Today we had adoptions at Hollywood Feed Store in Cordova and here are a few pictures of the people and dogs adopted and present. Gretchen, Meg and Roland were adopted today.

We even had a visit from a former adoption….two weeks ago a great family adopted Bixby now Sammie…in just two weeks he has grown so much taller and still remembered her foster mom.  Here is a before and current picture.  Thanks for coming and taking good care of our Good Dog!

All Dressed Up and No New Home???

Oatmeal is a 6 month old Cairn Puppy who got all dressed up to show off her new look in hopes that someone might take her home.  She needs a “fur”ever home.  She has made it through great obstacle’s and is now ready.  Just you take a look and see…..in her poodle skirt, Diva and Angel that she is and then her gown ready for a new home.

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