Good Dogs are Waiting on their Christmas Gifts

We thank those of you who have donated money and/or time during this year to the cause of rescuing great dogs and puppies from an uncertain future. At this holiday time, while you’re shopping for loved ones, our dogs and puppies will appreciate anything extra that you can do for them.

We have Fur Angel Trees at 7 locations, including

  • Hollywood Feed Stores at
    • 2013 Union Avenue
    • 4864 Poplar Avenue
    • 1001 N. Germantown Parkway
    • 7085 Highway 64 (Oakland)
  • Ben & Jerry’s at
    • East Memphis, near The Paradiso
    • Germantown, in The Village Shops of Forest Hill
  • Utopia Animal Hospital

We’ve done a little rhyming at this holiday timing and are hoping it’ll help in guiding you to buying some items our dogs and puppies need! Enjoy!

If you need a printout of the above document to take with you to the store, here it is: 12DaysChristmas.

Thanks, again, for all your engagement with the cause of helping dogs and puppies live happy lives in homes where they are safe.

Blondie gets adopted at Ben & Jerry’s

Blondie gets adoptedBlondie, the baby collie mix, was owner surrendered at Memphis Animal Shelter at approximately 3 months of age. While that birthday might have been in February, May 24th is her NEW birthday!

She was adopted by this great young couple who had adopted from Good Dog Rescue in the past. They brought that adoptee with them to see how he would bond with the new addition that they just knew they had to have.

He loved Blondie … Blondie loved him … and the rest, as they say, is history!

Good Dog Rescue wishes Blondie and her new family much happiness for all her long life!

Free ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s, and Great Dogs … who could lose?

Ben & Jerry\'s East Memphis locationAnnually for the past 30 years Ben & Jerry’s has a free ice cream day. More than 1,000,000 cones are given away each year! Can you imagine that?

People tend not to believe Ben & Jerry’s would give away that fabulous ice cream for free, so there are websites devoted to letting people know this is not a fraud! Check out those sites at Urban Legends and Snopes. Even Wikipedia has a section on the free ice cream day.

The East Memphis and Germantown locations of Ben & Jerry’s invited Good Dog Rescue to bring some of our adoptable dogs and puppies to this event. Our great animals received a lot of attention from parents and all the kids who were waiting their turn for ice cream.

Blue gives kissesBojangles loves Ben & Jerry\'s ice creamBlue, the too cute beagle mix, found plenty of new friends to spend time with and get love from. Mr. Bojangles, the shetland sheepdog sheltie mix, gives 4 paws up to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Among all the people wandering around the event, there were plenty of ice cream droppings to be had.

Thanks to everyone who came out to Ben & Jerry’s free ice cream day yesterday and who paused for a few moments to give these precious dogs and puppies some much-appreciated attention.

Ben and Jerry’s Rocks!

Ben and Jerry\'s East Memphis

Today’s adoption event at Ben & Jerry’s East Memphis location was fun-filled from start to finish! Five of our fabulous furry friends were adopted today! We were so excited to see Trey, Nikki, Lucy Black, Charley, and Kate go to their new forever homes.

So many wonderful people … families … couples … singles … everyone coming out in the great weather to search for their new forever friends.

We are so grateful to Ben & Jerry’s for allowing us to set up shop at this fabulous location. What better combination … ice cream and dogs! Thanks for supporting the efforts of Good Dog Rescue’s volunteers!


Hey, I’m Trey….Finally, I get to go home with this great family! They accept me for who I am…even on three legs I can run and play with two cute fun kids…and best of all I can now be part of “my” real family. I”m such a good dog and have so much to give. Can’t wait to be home and see what it is like…I think I am in love already! Thanks to my foster dad and mom…and most of all Good Dog Rescue! Life is Good! See ya, Trey

Charlie goes home!

Adoption day at Ben & Jerry’s Saturday April 26…..Charlie gets to go home…he feels comfortable in the arms of his new mom…while her son fills out his application, “I think I will take a nap right here…till we go home. Wake me up so I can say goodbye to all my friends at Good Dog Rescue.”

Bye Izzy…I’m Home!


“Bye Izzy, I’m going home…my new home….I can’t wait to see my new family’s house and all my new toys. Hope you get adopted into your forever family soon! Wish you luck…let me know when you get to go home.” Little brown puppy Katie gives her smaller black puppy friend a kiss bye. “Your friend Katie…..”