Help our lovely Cocker Spaniel see her world

Janie, our chocolate Cocker Spaniel

Janie, our chocolate Cocker Spaniel

Janie is a sweet 2-3 yo purebred Cocker Spaniel who is absolutely lovely. When people see her, they ooh and aah and just make over her.

Well, others can see her but, rather rapidly, Janie is becoming unable to see her world. In a short period of time after she came into rescue, Janie started having distance problems with her vision and was bumping into things. Not only does she have cataracts in both eyes, but they are rapidly becoming more of a vision deterrent. The veterinary ophthalmologist has diagnosed her with hereditary juvenile cataracts, a somewhat common condition for Cocker Spaniels. Read more about hereditary eye disease in dogs here.

The success rate for treatment with surgery is 95%. Janie has a willing foster mom who can comply with the need for post op care. The bill, even with rescue discount, is $2000 for both eyes.

Janie is a young dog and the investment of surgery now will have great benefit over her life span. We are seeking donations, large or small, to help defray the costs of giving the gift of sight to this lovely Cocker Spaniel.

You may make your tax-deductible donation in one of four ways:

  1. Come to one of our adoption events and donate in person with cash or a check.
  2. Go to our website at and donate using the Paypal button. Indicate the donation is for Janie’s fund.
  3. Send a check to Good Dog Rescue; 1753 Carruthers Place; Memphis, TN 38112. c/o Janie’s fund.
  4. Go to Janie’s fundraising site and donate using Paypal, credit card, or e-check.

We will have updates at our adoption events and provide fundraising updates here also.

Janie and the volunteers of Good Dog Rescue thank you for anything you’re able to donate to Janie’s cataract surgery fund.