Kids at Play!

Whew! What a great 4th of July! We had fun playing with our foster mom’s other dogs and cats…not too sure they like us….but we don’t care much!

We get to play, run, eat, and nap ….just about anything we want to do…it is great! Can’t wait to come to adoption days and see everyone.

Your furry friends,

Leah and Pippin

Pippin and Leah will be ready in a few weeks!

Hey all, just got these cute adorable babies tonight to foster. Their mother was a Daschund and the father was a Rat Terrier. They are about 8 weeks old. They have never been in the shelter, came from a home with a litter of 3 sisters. The lady kept one of the pups.

Pippin is black with some brown markings over eyes and on her feet. Leah is brown with black throughout her coat….with the cutest tan over her eyes…black tail.

These puppies will be ready in a few weeks…if you are interested please fill out the application on the web site.

CBS “Greatest American Dog” Show

On CBS there will be 12 dog teams competing to see who can be the Greatest American Dog. Watch on Thursday, July 10 a new show. CBS Channel 3at 7:00 p.m.

Happy Father’s Day to our foster dads!

Dad and DogGood Dog Rescue would like to thank our foster dads for all their help.

Glenn Bote fosters Bandit, and has worked tirelessly to help Bandit trust humans.

Jerry Russell is the foster dad for Mr. Bojangles. Jerry spends many hours volunteering for GDR and I am not sure what we did before he came aboard!

Thanks also to Hugh Dilley, who recently fostered both Clyde and Lady.

We salute Martin Lily, another dog lover who gets the dogs where they are supposed to be.

I would also like to mention David Gribble, who humors Becky Gribble and her passion for helping us by helping at adoption events and fostering.

Of course, we are always grateful to our “sugar foster daddy” Marc Tate, who keeps us in ice cream and great places to host adoption events at Ben and Jerry’s. Marc and Robin are currently fostering Tipper.

A rescued animal’s prayer

“Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep”

Now I lay me down to sleep.
The king-size bed is soft and deep.
I sleep right in the center groove.
My human being can hardly move.
I’ve trapped her legs, she is tucked in tight.
And here is where I pass the night.
No one disturbs me or dares intrude
Til morning comes and I want food!
I sneak up slowly and it begins,
My nudging’s on my human’s chin.
She wakes up slowly and smiles and shouts,
“You precious pest….5 more minutes, now cut it out!”
But morning’s here and it’s time to play.
I always seem to get my way.
So thank you, Lord, for giving me
This human person that I see.
The one who hugs and holds me tight
And shares her bed with me at night.

Author unknown

2008 National Dog Bite Prevention Week is Here

Avoid dog bites!Just reading Cindy Wolff’s column in The Commercial Appeal this morning and learned that the 3rd week of May is National Dog Bite Prevention Week.

Bottom line: We humans are responsible for preventing dog bites … and the prevention begins with the dog’s owner.

Cindy’s column lists several tips for preventing dog bites.

In addition, the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a website spotlighting dog bite prevention week. The CDC’s site links to many resources to help individuals and communities institute changes to prevent or lessen the chance of dog bite.

Resources from some other reputable groups on this topic:

The volunteers of Good Dog Rescue wish you and your four-legged friends a fun and happy life free of bites!

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