A Memorial Day Celebration at Memphis Jewish Community Center’s Aquatic Park Yields Homes for Two Great Dogs

Our second adoption event of the weekend was Sunday, May 25, 2009 at the Memphis Jewish Community Center. They brought out their tent, tables, and chairs and provided some great space to showcase Real Good Dog Rescue’s great dogs and puppies.

Even though the day saw showers from time to time, they were temporary and fleeting, and the Aquatic Park had lots of visitors. That meant that our dogs and puppies likewise had a lot of visitors.

We always have a great time with Lauren Carr, the Assistant Wellness Director at the Jewish Community Center. She is a true friend of these rescued animals who are in need of a home. She seemed to know everyone who passed by yesterday and was instrumental in getting most of them to stop by and pet one of our deserving dogs or puppies. Thanks much, Lauren!

Adopted as a result of Sunday’s event were Lola, the Maltese/Poodle mix, and Pretty Boy, the Golden Retriever/Spaniel mix. They both put on their sweetest faces and sold themselves to their prospective adopters. We wish dogs and humans well as they begin their life of joy and happiness that a loving four-legged critter can provide.

All the Real Good Dog Rescue volunteers, dogs, and puppies hope all haveĀ a great Memorial Day. We hope you enjoy our pics below.