Sunday at Poplar Plaza Petco

It was a small band of dedicated volunteers, with a small number of adoptable dogs and puppies, who attended Good Dog Rescue’s 2nd adoption event of the weekend. Several potential adopters stopped by to visit with us and the dogs. The dogs did their best to show themselves off! Here are some pics from yesterday. Video coming soon!

Poplar Plaza Petco Provides Plenty of People to Pet Pups

A little alliteration on a Sunday afternoon isn’t a bad thing, is it? Especially after our rescue group has had a great adoption weekend (3 events in 2 days)!

Today’s event was at our favorite Petco at Poplar and Highland. We always enjoy the staff and the clients of the store make our dogs feel welcome.

Adopted today was Sebastian, the 3rd of 4 siblings we fondly call the “Tipton Pups.” He went to a great home with a couple of other grown big dogs who can teach him the ropes as he grows. And he WILL grow!

Millie went for a home visit and we’re crossing our fingers that she’ll work out well.

The adoption for Blosssom was finalized.

Bridgette joined us. We’ve had her for just a little bit – she had a litter of pups about 10 weeks ago (before we got her) and she’s in her shedding phase now … so everyone had a coat of dog hair on them. She’s starting to slow down in her normal post-partum hair loss. She is truly a fabulous young dog. Keep watch on our website for when we post her for adoption.

We had several other of our dogs and puppies join us. Enjoy the pictures below. Join us at next week’s adoption event at Hollywood Feed on Union Avenue from 11am-3pm Saturday, June 6.

Poplar Plaza Petco Provides Plenty of Potential Adopters

Nice weather brings people and doggies out of their shell! We had a great day at Poplar Plaza Petco today, where 3 of our great dogs were adopted. Amy, Lucy Red, and Bailey went to their forever homes. We had a lot of interest on several of our other dogs and puppies as well.

We would love for you to join us at next week’s adoption event: Saturday, March 21, 2009 from 11am to 3pm at the Union Avenue Hollywood Feed Store, located at 2013 Union Avenue.

Here are some adoption and candid shots from today’s event. Hope to see YOU in our camera lens in the near future!

Santa Came to Petco Sunday!

Adoptions right before the holidays are good for our Good Dogs that don’t have a forever home.  Santa came to Petco on our Sunday Adoption event on Poplar and Highland Store.  Several were out shopping for their dogs for Christmas and came by to see all our dogs….and some went home with a Good Dog.

Adopted were Chloe and Daisy. Jax went to a foster to possibly adopt situation – he’s in doggie heaven with this new family!

We had some new faces with us – Janie, Corinne, Glory, and Fuzzy Face.

Come see us at our upcoming adoption event – Saturday, December 27, 2008 from 10am-1pm @ the Cordova Hollywood Feed Store, 1001 N. Germantown Road, Cordova, TN.

Holiday adoption at Poplar Plaza Petco

We’re here at Poplar Plaza Petco with lots of great dogs till 4pm today (Sunday 12/21/08). Come visit with the dogs and our volunteers!

Poplar Plaza Petco extends a warm welcome to great dogs

This past Saturday we were again at Poplar Plaza Petco, at Poplar & Highland, for our regular adoption event. Even though it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving … and the 2nd day of the massive shopping after Thanksgiving … we had a lot of visitors stopping by to pet our dogs and pups and, in a couple of instances, to adopt!

Adopted were Roscoe, our young male Chihuahua, and Little Boss, our recently acquired Shih Tzu. We are hoping that Lambchop, a much too cute Corgi mix, was adopted. Her potential adoptive mom needed to introduce her to the rest of the family, namely the potential adoptive dad!

Lots of other cute pics from the day. Looking below you’ll see Roscoe being chased by Buzzy and Fuzzy, the terrible twosome who are, as Lambchop, F A R too cute! They are a dynamic duo. Make sure and look at their video debut in the VodPod at the left (Buzzy and Fuzzy and a Toy) or check it out on YouTube.

Chloe is in a couple of photos – the little rats caught her attention at one point and you could tell she’d like to get one! Stretch is also pictured, getting some well-deserved one-on-one attention. Jack dances on his hind legs for a young girl.

We have a new addition to our great dogs – Portia, the schipperke. Check out her video in the VodPod at the left, as well as her YouTube debut. She’s a fabulous dancer!

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming adoption events! Check out our website for dates listed.

Poplar Plaza Petco comes thru for great dogs again!

Good Dog Rescue’s adoption event today resulted in 2 adoptions and one foster to adopt … so it was a good day for our great dogs!

Samantha, our petite and sweet Rottweiler/Labrador Retriever Mix, got to go to a foster home that sounds like perfection. She’ll be the 2nd dog in the home and it sounds like the other dog is as laid back as Samantha. We hope that Samantha fits in so well that she’ll move from fostered to adopted … cross your fingers for Sam!

Our two adoptions were Wuzzy and Koda.

Wuzzy is an adorable Dachshund/Poodle mix. Too cute! The family adopting Wuzzy were so excited as soon as they saw her. We wish them many happy years together.

Koda got to go home to be the only Princess in her new home. A great gentleman came in, looked directly at her, and said he just had to have her! This will be a great home for Koda, and she deserves it after the rough past few months she’s had in being turned into a shelter and then rescued … waiting for her forever home.

Just to update you, Vivian, one of our volunteers who always does so much to give foster homes to our dogs, had 4 of her fosters adopted this week. This included Tux, Wallace, Flo, and Topper. Vivian still has dogs of her own and a few more rescues, so she’s not too lonely! We’re all just really happy to see these worthy dogs go to their permanent homes.

Finally, we had a new doggie join us today – Hercules. He’s quite the little guy – what with one tooth in his mouth! He’s an older dog, but has a LOT of love to give his person/family.

Remember that next week’s event is our Beauty Shop event! You can learn to bake canine-approved Christmas Cookies and collect some holistic holiday tips about good nutrition, acupuncture, and pain management therapies for dogs. Santa will be there, so you can get that precious pooch photo with Santa! Good Dog Rescue will have some of our great dogs and puppies there. Donations will also be accepted for the benefit of Good Dog Rescue’s dogs. Cat lovers are also welcome! For more information call Pins & Needles, Angel Care’s Acupuncture Center for Animals: 385-9172 , or The Beauty Shop: 272-7111.

Join us Sunday, November 23rd, from 2:00PM to 4:00PM, at The Beauty Shop, 966 South Cooper. View Map.