Miss Cordelia’s Welcomes Real Good Dog Rescue to Harbor Town – Thank you!!!

Real Good Dog Rescue sometimes has the opportunity to showcase our great dogs and puppies at various events in Memphis and Shelby County. Yesterday we were fortunate to be invited to Miss Cordelia’s in Harbor Town. Miss Cordelia’s has a reputation for friendliness and having high standards in all they do – so they were a logical fit with our rescue group! The weather was breezy, even though the temperature was warm and starting into the humid days of Memphis in the summer. But equipped with our trusty tent and plenty of shade and water, Real Good Dog Rescue had an inviting spot for visitors.

We had a lot of folks stopping by. Some wanted to pet, hold, and walk our great dogs. Some had dogs of their own and wanted them to make the acquaintance of our dogs. A couple of folks even decided to become adopters (or foster to adopt)! What a great day!

Adopted were two of our four puppies we refer to as the “Tipton Pups” because they came to us from Tipton County. We had 2 boys and 2 girls – now we have 1 boy and 1 girl left. We hope some of our readers have a penchant for puppies and will help out these 2 remaining youthful, healthy, and happy puppies. Placed in a foster to adopt situation was our friend Sarge. He went home with a family that had 2 young boys who can help Sarge get his well-deserved exercise. We hope they enjoy Sarge as much as our volunteers enjoy him and will decide to “fail fostering 101” with a whole lot of our volunteers!

Speaking of failing fostering 101, we had another of those events consummated yesterday. One of our volunteers who was fostering Erin decided to formally adopt her. Fabulous!

Enjoy the pics below. Clicking on any of them will take you to a larger version. Today, weather permitting, we are at the Memphis Jewish Community Center from 1-4pm for our 2nd adoption event of the weekend. If you missed us yesterday, come check us out today. If we are rained out today, Monday is the backup day.