Ladybug ‘shows us the money’ – anonymous donor sponsors her heartworm treatment!

Ladybug, the very pretty tri-color champion counter-surfing border collie mix recently rescued by Good Dog Rescue, tested positive for heartworms.  While fatal if not treated, this parasitic infestation can be treated and Ladybug should have a complete recovery.  She’s been on the list to get into the vet who works with local area rescues on heartworm treatments.

This is a picture of a dog’s heart infested with heartworms.  YUCKY isn’t it?

Ladybug’s foster mom noticed right away that she had a persistent ‘mouth’ (versus deep chest) cough that would not respond to cough control medicines.  Besides, Ladybug was an owner surrender and had not been to an animal shelter where she would have been exposed to kennel cough.  SO, the foster mom decided to get this pretty girl to her own vet to get her checked out.  By now, you recognize this nervous nellie foster mom is JULIE C.

Turns out, Ladybug is a special case, because even though her test shows a light positive response, in reality, her lungs are already very damaged from the deadly parasites.   Dr. McCutcheon diagnosed lung damage and added oral steroids to the antibiotic regimen that Ladybug was already following.  The lungs are so inflamed and damaged from the heartworms that Ladybug’s heartworm treatment will have to be broken into three (where it’s normally one or two) treatment sessions of 30 days each.  Now that is a severe case of this deadly parasitic disease! And, Dr. McCutcheon shared that she has a special fondness for border collie types.  I just think that Ladybug turned on that CHARM she is chock full of!

Dr. McCutcheon will recheck Ladybug’s lung next week and if she’s able, Ladybug will begin with the first of her three total treatments.  I am glad to report after 3 days of steroids, Ladybug is already coughing a lot less and should be improved enough to start her treatment next week as planned.

Ladybug wants to say thank you to the donor who loved her enough to help her get her heartworm treatment and hopes that more people will read this and choose to help other GOOD DOGS get the medical care they need.  Every donation is used 100% to provide medical care and food for all the GOOD DOGS in our foster care.

The countdown is on for Dorsey’s heartworm treatment!

We’re counting down the 30 days of Dorsey’s battle against parasitic heartworms. Treatment began on April 23, so we’re 7 days into treatment with 23 to go. The most critical/dangerous times are ahead–days 10 to 18. He’s at highest risk during that period for the dying worms to break off in clumps and travel through his bloodstream to create a dangerous clot in his lungs.

To ensure this does not happen, Dorsey is presently confined to his crate for ‘bed rest’ with several outings on leash only each day for fresh air and potty breaks. He’s eating very well and showing no restlessness at his confinement. Dorsey is very well mannered and easygoing for a terrier. This makes enduring his ‘confinement’ a lot easier for him and his foster mom. Of course, the new routine of a tiny piece of turkey hot dog as reward for going into his kennel might be one motivation!

For those who don’t know, heartworms are 100% preventable with monthly heartworm preventive (prescribed by your vet). The disease is transmitted ONLY by the bite of a mosquito–which can be considered the STATE bird in all Southern states. Many dogs are surrendered each year to shelters because their owners neglect to give them their monthly pills, causing the parasites to develop INSIDE the heart. Untreated, heartworms are 100% fatal and it is a painful disease/death for the animal. Treatment is very expensive and is akin to a chemotherapy session that humans endure. Good Dog Rescue treats all heartworm positive dogs it rescues and does not pass the expense along to the new adopters. Donations may be made to Good Dog Rescue to sponsor the heartworm treatment of a rescue. These are tax deductible to the donor.