Millie works wonders in her job as stress reliever

Maxine was owner surrendered at Memphis Animal Shelter with Bree, who we believe to be her mother. At the time, Maxine was approximately 2 years old, weighing 20-25 pounds. She was housetrained and loves people!

Maxine was adopted by Steve and Sue Oehmen at one of our Wags & Whiskers adoption events. They recently sent us this Christmas update, along with some new pics of Maxine, who is now named Millie.

I have attached a few photos of our “Millie” who we adopted last February, if memory serves. She is happy and healthy and owns the place completely. She is a tremendously loving and affectionate companion and always makes us laugh even on those hard days with our students.

Thanks, Steve and Sue, for adopting one of our great dogs and sending us an update. We LOVE to read these … and readers of our blog also love to read these stories that reinforce the love that these rescued dogs bring into our lives.

Here are some updated pics of Millie.

CJ hits the ball outta the park!

CJ, our adorable Boston Terrier mix dropped by Wags and Whiskers on the 29th with Director Lisa Trenthem, to visit with Miss Bettikay.  Well, the Keathley’s just happened to drop by hoping to meet Inky, who had to stay home because he was a little underweather.  We offered to introduce the Keathley’s to all the GOOD DOG on site (those already at Wags and those in Lisa’s SUV…and VOILA-love at first wag when they spotted Miss CJ.  It was love at first wag for CJ and the Keathleys.

They have great treats at this joint

They have great treats at this joint

And CJ makes 3

And CJ makes 3

Wags and Whiskers, we love you!

Sadly, this economic downturn was too much for our favorite canine boutique, Wags and Whiskers.  But we had a great last week of Good Dog of the Day (Memphis’s first and only daily adoption event, thanks to Bettikay) and a great final adoption event on Saturday, August 29th.

Top to bottom – CJ enjoys her treat; Burch pets shy Bijou; Bijou chills out and gives us a close up shot; Bijou’s new BFF;

CJ and her new family; Dudley and his new pals, David & Burch;

Bijou and Burch x 2; Frannie with Burch

Frannie and David; smiling Dudley

Wags and Whisker’s Adoption Day

With a last minute change for the Good Dog Rescue Team it all came together for us at Wags and Whiskers today.  Lots of dogs and lots of visitors.  There were 6 dogs adopted today and new dogs arriving.

Adoption Days Wags and Whiskers!

On such a rainy day we had two great adoptions at Wags and Whiskers.  Oatmeal found a family with two children to play and run all around the yard having fun.  Emmie also found a two folks to enjoy in her new adoptive home.  Along with our adoptions at Wags we also had adoptions going on at the Hollywood Store on Union Avenue.

DSCF3125 DSCF3124

Is it the dog days of summer yet?

We held two adoption events today … and have an additional event scheduled for tomorrow. Today’s events were at Wags & Whiskers where, midway through, 2 of the 3 dogs at that location had been adopted. Wags & Whiskers adoptees were Dusty and Goldilocks.

Our other event was at Hollywood Feed on Union Avenue, where our adoptees included Annie Oakley, Katie (the minpin), and Hubble. Check out some of our event pics below and, if you didn’t have the chance to get your petting quota completed today, drop by and see us at Sunday’s event at Poplar Plaza Petco, scheduled for 1-3pm.

It’s June and fabulous families are adopting great dogs

Yesterday’s double adoption events (Hollywood Feed on Union Av and Wags & Whiskers on Sanderlin) yielded some excellent adoptions. In addition we had a lot of folks stopping by and visiting with our dogs – doing their “research” before they made their final decisions. We hope they return soon and adopt one of our worthy dogs and puppies.

Adopted were Sarge, Penelope, Jesse, Raggedy AndyJunior Brown, and Twitter, with Emeril, Bear, Pokie, Millie, and Doodle being adopted earlier in the week.

Here are some pics from the Hollywood Feed location. We hope to see more from the Wags & Whiskers site. Thanks to all who came out to see us and our cute dogs.

Saturday Adoptions!

Wow!  What a busy day…two adoptions events almost at the same time.  Wag and Whiskers adoptions from 11:00-1:00 with 2 adoptions – Joe and Lucky. Then for the second weekend in a row Good Dog Rescue was at Hollywood Feed in Cordova with a great crowd out to see all the good dogs.  We had 4 more adoptions on a cool windy day.  Anne Marie, Sophia, Benny Pom, and Jill were adopted at Hollywood Feed Cordova. Check us out….We even had a visitor from an adoption from 4 years ago!

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