You can help by fostering

Special call for more fosters … immediate need!

With trying to save as many dogs and puppies as possible from an uncertain future, we are overextended on dogs and severely under on the number of foster homes we have for them. Please have a look at this list of dogs/puppies for which we need immediate foster homes and contact us if you could possibly provide a foster home for one or more of them. You can read their bios at

Foster a dog or puppy!

Our ability to rescue more pets from shelters is limited by the number of foster homes we have in which to place these great pets. If you are able, please consider opening your home as a foster home to Good Dog Rescue’s great dogs and puppies.

If you foster, you would:

  • keep the dog in your home as an adopted pet
  • assist in getting the dog to adoption events
  • provide important information on the dog’s personality, strengths, and weaknesses

Good Dog Rescue maintains financial responsibility for the dog.

The great thing is, you can always choose to adopt your fostered dog rather than placing the pet in another home. We have more than one home who has reported happily failing “Fostering 101“! If you are interested in adopting your fostered dog, you must complete the same process and pay the adoption fee as other potential adopters.

If you can help with fostering one of our puppies or dogs, please complete the Adoption Application Questions (you may ignore question #11 about the costs) and email your answers to:

Lisa Trenthem

Here is our current list of pets that are in need of a loving foster (or permanent) home:

New Year's Day Call for Fosters

If you have a place to post one of our flyers seeking foster homes (or can send it to friends), here’s a PDF version of the above flyer.

Thank you for anything, big or small, that you’re able to do! Our great dogs and puppies, and all the volunteers of Real Good Dog Rescue, appreciate your support.

18 Responses

  1. I will like to get Violet a female wirehaired terrier mix

  2. i would like peppi.i dont know where you are fostering these dogs but i would love to help as i have just lost my dog after 5 years. and now im looking to have another dog to love ad take for walks.

  3. Ebony:
    I did not see this till now, we still need help with Peppi,
    please email me and I will send you an adoption application

  4. We are interested in adopting Jill, Jack, Mindy , Sally, Tj, or any that are still available

  5. I would like to know more about fostering. I have two of my own dogs (an independent but laid back senior Westie, and a very vocal very small poodle) and no small children in the house. I also have a fenced yard if that’s a consideration. Please contact me so we can talk about which dogs might fit in best with our family.

    Thank you.

  6. I would love to foster a few of your dogs. Will you please tell me a little more about it? I have one dog. She is a rescue and extremely laid back and loves other dogs. I do have a fenced in yard. Jake, Ripely, Lil Moe, Lilly Mae, Donnie, Mindy….I could not take all 6, but I have the accommodations for at least 2 or 3. Please let me know what I need to do to help these dogs find forever homes.


  7. I recently lost a dark chocolate lab. He was a male and his name is Hunter. He was like a kid to us because we don’t have kids yet. He went to work everyday with my boyfriend. Hunter was about 5 years old, he loves to play ball, his two bottom teeth in the middle of his mouth are missing from playing ball so much. Hunter also loved to swim and he was very smart, he would sit, laydown, roll over, shake both hands. We miss him very much if you find one please e-mail me. He has been missing since Nov. 3. We have a $1000.00 reward out for him. We still put out signs for him. We aren’t giving up so if a lab happens to come in matching those descriptions please e-mail me. Thank You.

  8. We recently found a male CHIHUAHUA in the Berclair area. He’s a tan short hair. Very sweet. However, it’s been a couple of weeks and we haven’t been able to find his owner and we already own another male. Needless to say we have to keep them apart (or risk peeing contests).

    He doesn’t mind our large female dog and cat. Eats good – not finicky.

    I really need to find a home for this little guy.
    Photos of him are in my Facebook album (

    He’s a real lover!

  9. I work with a fine woman who is very interested in adopting a small dog. She and her son who is about to turn 10 years old and is very well mannered and quite mature for his age live in an apartment and are looking for a zero lot line house. Her name is Lisa Madison. She had a dog several years but had no idea how big it would get and had to find a home for him with a friend. To this day the dog still lives with the friend and he remembers Lisa every time she goes to visit this friend. Her son has been wanting a smaller dog for some time and she would like to get one for him. My best friend saw Tramp at Wags and Whiskers one day and took a picture and showed him to me. I immediately thought of Lisa. I would be paying the up front money and helping her with monetary needs when they arise as she is on a budget as a single Mom. She does know the expense involved.

    Let me know what is involved in her trying to adopt Tramp so when she comes back to work next week we can start the process. Thank you so much. Karen Overall

  10. Hi I sent you an email in regard to Tramp last Friday. I have a coworker who is very interested in adopting this little cutie. I have not heard back from yuu. Could you please let me know something/ Thank you Karen Overall

  11. We are trying to see about adopting Sohpie. We haven’t had any response and the phone number says it is disconnected. Please let us know what is happening.
    thanks, mpace

  12. I am very interested in becoming a foster parent! I have e-mailed you, but haven’t heard anything.

    I would love to start with Pickle and Fatso…they are adorable!

    Thanks in Advance!

  13. Please contact me regarding my dog, Belle. I am in desperate need to find a loving foster or permanent home for her. She is not doing well with the young couple who took her in and they do not have the patience to work with her.

    I have also sent an e-mail directly.


  14. i lost my yorkies and is looking 4 a nother one help please and if it cost about 300-350 girl call me please

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