Happy Howl-oween from Hollywood Feed!

Our adoption event at Hollywood Feed on Germantown Parkway was a great success today. The adoption of four good dogs makes for a great day! Not only was it a beautiful day outdoors but also with our great volunteers and their foster dogs. So many people came by to see all the cute dogs in their Howl-o-ween outfits. We had several adoptions (Bixby, Spot, Donna June, and Jo) and many who wanted to see what was going on this Oct. 31st. Here are the faces and adoptions for the day. Click on any of the pics to be taken to the larger version.

DSCF4024 DSCF3955 DSCF3956 DSCF3948 DSCF3953 DSCF4047 DSCF4051 DSCF3963 DSCF3966 DSCF4033 DSCF4037 DSCF4043 DSCF3970 DSCF3999 DSCF4002 DSCF4062 DSCF4036 DSCF4023 DSCF4018 DSCF4019 DSCF4025 Continue reading

Logan and Renee

Logan is an American Eskimo, Spitz dog who’s been with us for a little while as we searched for just the right adopter for him.

Well, the wait paid off, as Renee Greer from Arkansas saw our great guy and came to Memphis to finalize his adoption.

According to Logan’s foster mom, Vivian,

I don’t believe we have had an adopter as excited as Renee was to get Logan!

Thanks, Renee, for giving Good Dog Logan a forever home! We wish the 2 of you many years of happiness!

Here’s evidence of the happiness!

Logan and Renee - a happy family

Sheriff Deputies Raid Memphis Animal Shelter to Investigate Reports of Abuse

Today, October 27, 2009, was a great day for the animals located in the Memphis Animal Shelter, as Sheriff’s deputies raided the facility at 3456 Tchulahoma Road, closed the doors to animals coming in or going out, and brought in trained investigators from the ASPCA and emergency responders from the American Humane Association. The securing of the facility, pursuant to the issuance of a search warrant, was part of an investigation into alleged animal abuse and cruelty.

For those of us who are passionate about the need for a more humane society, one where animals are not treated as objects to be disposed of on a whim, this is long overdue. For the shelter volunteers, who have had to witness the inhumane treatment of these poor animals by “humans” at the shelter, we thank you for your tireless efforts and your ongoing concern on behalf of the animals.

For Good Dog Rescue Founder, Lisa Trenthem, today is a great day. Lisa commented:

God Bless Sheriff Luttrell, Bill Gibbons and A.C. Wharton for DOING something about the abuse at Memphis Animal Services. Thanks to all the behind the scenes people who reported the abuse and would not stop trying to expose it. Sadly the shelter mismanagement has been no secret for years but NOTHING could be done as long as a corrupt mayor was in office.

I am ELATED at the news of this action and hopeful that new leadership can come to our shelter. If we could just choose the best person for that job based on their talent and experience, not corrupt politics, we could have an operational facility worth taxpayers money.
Please thank our new mayor and the sheriff’s office for having the guts to do a dirty job.

Please take a few moments to call or send a letter to our elected officials who are spearheading this initiative.

Here is the contact information – please take a few moments and use your voice to speak for those who are unable to speak for themselves – thank our officials who have listened to the citizens and volunteers of the shelter.

Mayor A C Wharton, Jr.
City Hall
125 N. Main St. Room 700
Memphis, Tn 38103
Phone: 901-576-6000

Sheriff Mark H. Luttrell, Jr.
Shelby County Sheriff
201 Poplar Avenue – Ninth Floor
Memphis, Tennessee 38103
Email: public-info@shelby-sheriff.org
Phone: 901-545-5500 OR 901-545-5686
Fax: 901-545-3310

Shelby County District Attorney General William L. Gibbons
201 Poplar Avenue – Third Floor
Memphis, Tennessee 38103
Phone: 901-545-5900

Here’s a list of current and related coverage about the Memphis Animal Shelter.

Shelby County Sheriff Office Press Release

Action News 5 by Kontji Anthony
Deputies execute search warrant at Memphis Animal Shelter
Posted 10/27/09 @ 6:42am // Updated 10/27/09 @ 5:46pm

News Channel 3 by Eric Lipford
Memphis Animal Shelter Raided – reports of unsanitary conditions, overcrowding, sick & vicious animals
Posted 10/27/09 @ 5:43pm

My Fox Memphis
Animal Shelter Raid Reveals Abuse
Posted 10/27/09 @ 4:58pm // Updated 10/27/09 @ 5:30pm

Older, related coverage

Action News 5 by Jason Miles
City employee keeps job after alleged animal shelter blunder
Posted 9/29/09 @ 9:19pm // Update 9/30/09 @ 11:12am

Action News 5
Outrage over animal shelter euthanization numbers
Posted 7/15/09 @ 3:32pm // Updated 7/16/09 @ 11:57am

News Channel 3
Audit of the Memphis Animal Shelter
dated July 13, 2009 // a 25 page document
The bottom line objectives and findings …

  • Objective 1: Determine if all revenues are properly recorded in Oracle
    • Finding 1: Overall, we noted taht revenues were properly recorded in Oracle and the process to record revenue to the general ledger was satisfactory (p. 2)
    • 3 recommendations for objective 1
  • Objective 2: Determine if safeguarding and accountability for revenues are adequate
    • Finding 2: Overall, safeguarding and accountability or revenues needs improvement (p. 4)
    • 11 recommendations for objective 2
  • Objective 3: Determine if safeguards and accountability over pharmaceuticals are adequate
    • Finding 3: Overall, safeguarding and accountability of pharmaceuticals needs improvement (p. 8)
    • 4 recommendations for objective 3
  • Objective 4: Determine compliance of transactions with the City’s purchasing policy
    • Finding 4: Overall, compliance with city purchasing guidelines was satisfactory (p. 10)
    • 2 recommendations for objective 4
  • Objective 5: Determine the reliability of computer generated data
    • Finding 5: Overall, data generated (reports) by the animal management system is reliable (p. 12)
    • 3 recommendations for objective 5
  • Objective 6: Determine compliance with revenue contracts/agreements
    • Finding 6: Overall, compliance with terms and conditions revenue contract needs improvement (p. 14)
    • 2 recommendations for objective 6

We will continue to post relevant updates as we receive them. We look forward to the outcome of the investigation. Let us know if you have comments.

Can you help these “Little Women”?

5 puppies … 8 weeks old … Mom was a buff Cocker Spaniel … Dad was a Beagle.

Can you say “adorable offspring”?

These 5 puppies were scheduled to be euthanized, along with every other dog and pup who was unfortunate enough to be at the Hardeman County Animal Shelter in Bolivar, TN.

They got a reprieve when they found a temporary foster home.

But now they need a new foster home till they’re adopted. One or more per foster home. We need your help!

They’ve had their first shots and have been dewormed. They range in weight from 3-4 pounds to a whopping 9 pounds. They are very well socialized and healthy pups.

Please click to access a PDF version of the flyer and post/alert others that these Little Women need help!

We thank you … contact us soon.

We need a foster home ... or homes!

A Spooky Howl-o-ween at Utopia Animal Hospital

Thanks so much to Utopia Animal Hospital for hosting their Howl-o-Ween event and inviting Good Dog Rescue to show our pets and raise funds.

Dr. Clay and her young son James V offered blood brew punch and treats. There was trick or treating for dogs and kids at the examining rooms. For those kids who were not faint of heart, there was a surgical suite set up where they could do some gory surgery (on a manikin, of course!).

Outside the dogs bobbed for hot dogs. Some gave up on the bobbing and just jumped in to get the special treats.

The dogs got to dress up and the humans really enjoyed seeing them.

Thanks to Dr. Clay and her staff.

Former Adopter Connie Copeland and her daughter were volunteers along with Julie Clark, Robin Tate, Whitney Forbes, Brandy Schroyer, Vonna and Kathy, and Cheryl Kent.

Here’s a few pics of the event.

Our final fling for this year’s Downtown Farmer’s Market

Today started out chilly (so in many of the pics you’ll see cute sweaters and jackets on the dogs), but the sun was shining and the crowd was happy so we had a great time at this last adoption event for the 2009 Downtown Farmer’s Market.

We didn’t have any adoptions today – but the doggies had a lot of great exposure to people and some visiting dogs. We took a couple of videos, as Bixby made his first appearance at an adoption event! He found a really BIG friend to play with and then found one more his size in Madison.

We always enjoy the Downtown Farmer’s Market. We’re looking forward to more invitations in the 2010 year. Till then … enjoy some photos from today!

Chilly outside, warm inside, doggies getting adopted – all is well!

Feels like deep fall in Memphis, even though there’s still a lot of green to be seen. Yesterday we felt the cool air outside at our adoption event (stay tuned for a report on this Saturday’s two OUTSIDE events!), but volunteers, dogs, and visitors were cozy inside Hollywood Feed at 2015 Union Avenue.

We finalized two adoptions yesterday – Ellie, the giant Schnauzer, and Hallie, the Brussels Griffon/Shih Tzu mix. Thanks to our two families who spied these cuties and gave them their FURever home.

We were joined by a new dog – Seth. He comes to us from points east of Memphis and is reportedly a Cockapoo. Well, maybe. We think he could be. But beneath his long hair he’s got so much matting that it’s hard to tell precisely WHAT he is! He gets a visit with one of our great vets and a trip to our best groomer and then you’ll see a new Seth. Till then, see his current pics and a video on his Petfinder site at http://bit.ly/eAFsa

Rissa visited us – look for a video on her soon. Maggie May helped us out with a video – see her story and video at her site http://bit.ly/1vLy62

Have a look at some of our other pics from yesterday. We had some CUTIES with us!

Next events (follow details on website and in blog postings to come):

  • Today, 1pm-4pm @ Hollywood Feed in Bartlett
  • Next Saturday, 8am-12noon @ Downtown Farmer’s Market
  • Next Saturday, 10am-12noon @ Utopia Animal Hospital who is sponsoring a Howl-o-ween benefit for our rescue group