Moving our blog … Please move with us!

Happy New Year 2010 to readers of our blog. We have a new blog site for Real Good Dog Rescue that is located at As of today, we will no longer be posting updates on this blog but will move all our activity to the new blog site.

On this current blog site, you will find more than 300 posts spanning April 2008 thru December 2009.

Why do we have a new site, you ask? We’re getting all our sites linked through our current REAL name – REAL Good Dog Rescue! We’ve got a new website @ to accompany our new blog at that you’ll soon be reading.

We hope you like the integration and function of our new Internet-based “locations.” Let us know what you think by checking out our new blog and making a comment there!

2 Responses

  1. Just stopping by to let you know I am enjoying your blog! 🙂

  2. Hello! I am tring 2 find out info on how 2 find a GOOD home 4 a 3yr old bull massive.I resently took him in until i c an find a home 4him.Unfortantly i am unable 2have more than one pet and my 9yr old son already has one.PLEASE help!!( THX SO MUCH

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