HollyWood Bartlett Adoptions Saturday

Well, Good Dog Rescue was set up and ready to go early today and so were the dogs.  Several new good dogs were present to find a potential new ‘fur’ever home…and some really did go home with their new families.  One family came from Jackson to adopt one of our cutest dogs…Taz.  Then Shelby, Angel, Lucy Red and Lil Mo found their ‘fur’ever homes.

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Tasha Tooter finds her FUR-evah home

Rachel Koch of Memphis found Tasha’s pictures irresistible. She contacted
GOOD DOG RESCUE with her adoption application. Rachel is a student with a
flexible schedule that will let her spend quality time with baby Tasha and
she’s had excellent experience with raising a puppy with pets who still live
at home with her parents. Rachel met Tasha and her foster mom Julie C. at
Petco and it was love at first sight.

Congratulations, Rachel and Tasha on your new journey together.

Happy Tasha is going to have a LOT of fun with mom, Rachel

Happy Tasha is going to have a LOT of fun with mom, Rachel

Adoptions Today at Hollywood Feed

What a busy day today…whew! Lots of help and lots of visitors checking out all our good dogs! Several adoptions and lots of fun.

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On a *C*O*L*D* Saturday in January …

… Good Dog Rescue went to the Union Avenue Hollywood Feed Store with several of our great dogs and puppies. There were new ones and ones who’ve been with us for a bit. Included in the mix were Lindsey, Gizmo, Talbot, Fuzzy Fred, Basil, Toby, Lizzy, and Rocky (among others).

We found out that Toby can really relax, in spite of whatever’s going on around him!

We saw that Lindsey and Fuzzy Fred are great greeters and can do door duty anytime!

We saw that folks who came in were taken with Lizzy, Talbot, and Basil (among others).

And we were able to get several applications on some of our dogs.

All-in-all, a pretty quiet day. No doubt the after-the-holiday downturn.

We hope to see lots of folks at next week’s adoption event – Cordova Hollywood Feed, 1001 N. Germantown Rd., Cordova, TN from 1pm-4pm.

If you can, join some of our volunteers tomorrow, Sunday, January 18, at the opening of Hotel for Dogs at the Cordova Malco Theater. They’ll be there from 12noon-3pm answering your questions and giving out some information on Good Dog Rescue.

Corinne gets adopted AND gets a blog all in the same day!

Such a tiny and lovely little terrier is sweet Corinne

Such a tiny and lovely little terrier is sweet Corinne

What a full day Saturday, January 9, 2009 was for our great terrier mix, Corinne. She found her forever home and her new person started blogging about her.

Corinne came to Good Dog Rescue a few weeks ago with her pup, Glory. Her pup was adopted a couple of weeks back, but Corinne was okay with that. She got to go to a great new foster home with Marc and Robin Tate.

Yesterday this fabulous family came to Hollywood Feed Cordova for our adoption event and decided they MUST leave with Corinne. Corinne bonded to them – lavishly laying on her kisses to bless the adoption picture!

Corinne and her new mom

Corinne and her new mom

Then comes the news that her new mom has started a blog, Corinne’s New Life, to let the world know of Corinne’s adventures. Make sure and visit it from time to time and see how our special Corinne is doing!

Hollywood Feed in Cordova

On a rainy cool Saturday afternoon Good Dog Rescue had 3 adoptions…and many many visitors to the store that enjoyed our sweet dogs. Some came in particularly to make a donation to Janie who will need eye surgery due to cataracts.

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Timid Lolly finds forever happiness in her new home

If you’re an extremely quiet and excruciatingly timid young dog, what do you most want?

Someone who’ll understand your quirkiness and realize that you’re not saying THEY’RE not good or nice, but who’ll realize that you just need time and patience.

Our young Dachshund/Spaniel mix, Lolly, needed a very patient and dedicated home that would understand she is not a dog that was going to run to greet you the first day she was in your home.

She found her forever home with Delaine, where she’s now best buddies with doggie siblings Olive and Casi.

Delaine recently sent us an update and new pics of Lolly, who’s had a name change to Lily.

While visiting the grand opening of the Hollywood Feed in Cordova, I was taken by the one little timid dog just lying quietly in her kennel.  Cute little black dog with tan eye brows, nose and feet.  After a half hour of “bonding” in the store, she finally let me walk her around a bit … so I agreed to foster her.  Now she’s happy in her forever home with sisters Olive and Casi.

Thanks Good Dog.

Thanks, Delaine, for fostering … and then failing Fostering 101 … and adopting our Lolly. She looks to be enjoying herself in your great home!

Help our lovely Cocker Spaniel see her world

Janie, our chocolate Cocker Spaniel

Janie, our chocolate Cocker Spaniel

Janie is a sweet 2-3 yo purebred Cocker Spaniel who is absolutely lovely. When people see her, they ooh and aah and just make over her.

Well, others can see her but, rather rapidly, Janie is becoming unable to see her world. In a short period of time after she came into rescue, Janie started having distance problems with her vision and was bumping into things. Not only does she have cataracts in both eyes, but they are rapidly becoming more of a vision deterrent. The veterinary ophthalmologist has diagnosed her with hereditary juvenile cataracts, a somewhat common condition for Cocker Spaniels. Read more about hereditary eye disease in dogs here.

The success rate for treatment with surgery is 95%. Janie has a willing foster mom who can comply with the need for post op care. The bill, even with rescue discount, is $2000 for both eyes.

Janie is a young dog and the investment of surgery now will have great benefit over her life span. We are seeking donations, large or small, to help defray the costs of giving the gift of sight to this lovely Cocker Spaniel.

You may make your tax-deductible donation in one of four ways:

  1. Come to one of our adoption events and donate in person with cash or a check.
  2. Go to our website at http://gdrescue.petfinder.com and donate using the Paypal button. Indicate the donation is for Janie’s fund.
  3. Send a check to Good Dog Rescue; 1753 Carruthers Place; Memphis, TN 38112. c/o Janie’s fund.
  4. Go to Janie’s fundraising site and donate using Paypal, credit card, or e-check.

We will have updates at our adoption events and provide fundraising updates here also.

Janie and the volunteers of Good Dog Rescue thank you for anything you’re able to donate to Janie’s cataract surgery fund.

Archie’s First Christmas with the Pack

Good Dog Rescue snagged Archie when he was being turned into the Memphis Animal Shelter right at closing time. This little Chihuahua / Jack Russell Terrier mix was Mr. Personality.

David saw his potential and adopted Archie. He sent us these pics that show Archie’s first Christmas with his new family … the humans as well as the dogs. What a great place for a WONDERFUL little dog!

Ziggy finds Snow at his first Christmas in Wisconsin

Ziggy when he was with Good Dog Rescue

Ziggy when he was with Good Dog Rescue

Ziggy was an adorable wirehaired terrier mix that Good Dog Rescue rescued from the Memphis Animal Shelter. He was very personable and had obviously been someone’s pet, even though he ended up being in the shelter as a stray. This, unfortunately, is the fate of a LOT of animals (and one of the reasons that microchipping is such a great idea!).

Well, Ziggy got adopted by Joanna and Mike. They promptly renamed him Baxter!

The family – Joanna, Mike, and Baxter – took a little road trip for the holidays and sent Mama Lisa (Good Dog Rescue founder) a note and some pictures showing their fun time.

Dear Lisa –
It’s me Baxter!  (You used to call me Ziggy).   I just spent my first
Christmas with my adopted family.   We went to this place called
Wisconsin.  There was this cold white stuff all over the ground.  In
some places it was deeper than I am tall, but it was so MUCH FUN!   I
also made new dog friends and human friends who spoiled me.   IT WAS
AWESOME!  I’ve attached some pictures to show you how much fun I had.

Happy New Year!
Baxter, Joanna , and Mike

Click on any of the pics below to be taken to their larger image. Looks like Baxter and family had a FABULOUS time in Wisconsin’s snow. Thanks for keeping us up to date with our dear Ziggy … er, Baxter!

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Mike, Joanna, and Baxter

Mike, Joanna, and Baxter