Leah and Monique Were Adopted Sunday!

At Hollywood Feed in Collierville Sunday, we had two adoptions….Leah and Monique….but we had several visitors in and out and applications filled out. Lots of dogs were in attendance…they were all looking good and happy to be there. Hoping for their forever home.  The day was cooler but it did start raining in Collierville most of the afternoon. So guess that kept some folks at home. Please come see us this next weekend at Hollywood Feed in Bartlett Saturday, August 2nd from 10:00-1:00.  Here are some pictures from the good day we always have at Hollywood Feed.

Pippin is Adopted!

Pippin and Leah have had numerous applications and we have checked each one to find just the right fit for the puppies. Finally today Pippin found her forever home with a wonderful family with 3 kids, nice fenced back yard, and experience with Daschunds. After playing hard in the front yard this afternoon she was ready to go to her new home. Take care of my foster puppy! Thanks for all the applications for Pippin….now we have to find the right home for Leah! Leah is napping now but I’m sure she will miss her little sister when she wakes up!  I’ll have to tell her that she will get a new home soon!

All Dressed Up and No Where to Go!

Can one of us come home to live with you?  Think about it please…we are both so much fun to play with.  Leah in brown and Pippen in black…mixed Doxies.  We love to go outside and roll in the grass, but we love being inside with my family.  Come see us this weekend ….Sunday from 1-4 at Hollywood Feed in Collierville.  See you then!

Erica, Jon, and Savannah … loving each other … a perfect fit!

Erica sent us this great update accompanied by lots of pics of little Savannah, who she and Jon adopted from Good Dog Rescue a little while back. What a great looking family! Erica and Jon, the volunteers of Good Dog Rescue look forward to seeing more pics of Tipper, er, Savannah, as she grows along with you and your family!

My husband and I moved into our house June 1st and one of the first things we wanted to do was adopt a dog. I started looking at petfinder.com for small dogs. I found a few great ones but we didn’t think they were the perfect fit.

One day I saw Savannah’s little face, her name at the time was “Tipper”. I immediately got in contact with Lisa who put me in contact with Robin. We were able to see Savannah right away and fell in love with her as soon as we laid eyes on her.

The first week went well, however I was kind of nervous because she seemed scared around my husband. She would run when he walked by her and wouldn’t let him pet her. I was rather worried. I read online that he should be the one to feed her and give her treats. So he was the “food man” and that seemed to help. It was about a week later and they spent the afternoon together. All of a sudden they were big buds and she wasn’t afraid of him anymore.

We have had her a month now and we can’t believe she’s the same dog. She has completely come out of her shell. When we first got her we would describe her as “laid back”. We would now add “frisky”.

We love everything about her. She is the sweetest dog, she allows you to love on her, she likes to play, she likes to tackle Jon, she’s a good guard dog, she loves other dogs, she’s great with children, she’s a good car rider, she’s very smart, she listens well, she loves her new dog door, and she loves to dig.

Everyone that meets her falls in love with her. She is taking dog obedience and doing wonderful!

She loves Jon and Jon adores her! As for me, she’s my little baby. We could not have found a more perfect dog for us.

Seven, count ’em, SEVEN adoptions today!

We had a stellar day today at Poplar Plaza Petco. Seven of our wonderful puppies and dogs went to their new forever homes with fabulous new families. The volunteers of Good Dog Rescue really love these great showings. Each dog or puppy that goes home with their forever family makes room in our foster homes for that next deserving dog or puppy who so desperately needs a chance at a new life.

Have a look at the shots of our adoptees from today. Bonnie, Fawn, Jared, Kelly, Monkey, Scarlett, and Tina all have new homes with great humans. We wish each of you well … long lives … and plenty of belly rubs!

Poplar Plaza Petco gives our dogs a great showplace!

What a day at our favorite Petco! We were busy from the first unloading to the packing up. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us … well, to see our great dogs and puppies! Thankfully our volunteers always have time to give a good belly rub, as Grendal was certainly in the mood for one. In addition to the 7 adoptions today, we had a visit from Phoebe (who is now called Rory). She’s growing and really coming out of her shell more and more. Looks like she’s loving life in her new forever home. Here are some shots from today’s adoption event. Hope to see you in a future shot with your new real good dog or puppy!

“Real” Good Dog Rescue and Hollywood Feed!

Thanks to Hollywood Feed in Collierville we had another good day. Three adoptions and three past adoptions came in to visit. Here are some pictures from the day…even the employees got involved with all the great dogs.